Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

Our Mission

To provide a cultural oasis that serves as a home base for co-working/co-living, sacred medicine work, conscious driven events/workshops, community and fellowship for expats, digital nomads and medicine travelers in the diaspora living, working and traveling in Oaxaca, Mexico. We thrive on supporting those who wish to fulfill the collective mission of changing the world, starting with oneself.

Our Values

  • Comfort

  • Alliances

  • Honesty

  • Accountability

  • Sisterhood

  • Brotherhood

  • Honor amongst comrades

  • Consciousness

  • Cultural diversity

  • Collective action

  • Supportive collaborations

  • Celebration & Freedom

  • Creativity & Uniqueness

  • Tribal Bonding




      Thank you for your interest in connecting with us! We are pleased to have you here. If you have questions about co-working/co-living, relocation tours, hosting retreats, workshops, events or simply spending time at Casa de Soulshine, feel free to contact us using the form above. If you have something specific in mind that’s not listed, please drop a note. We can schedule a zoom call with you to discuss your needs. We look forward to hosting you soon!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Here are some frequently asked questions from previous guests. If you have further questions and need assistance please contact us.
      1Do I need a passport to travel to Mexico?
      Yes. US and Canada passport holders must have an expiration date that exceeds 90 days after their arrival date. If you plan to stay longer than 90 days, your passport must be valid until you return home.
      2Do I need a Visa to visit and stay in Mexico?
      US passport holders are not required to obtain a visa before entering Mexico or within the first 6 months of your stay. After 6 months of living in Mexico you must obtain a tourist visa. Tourist visas are issued for up to 180 days. VIsit: or for more information.
      3Do I need a negative C test or vaccination to enter Mexico or return to the US?
      No. Negative test results and vaccinations are not required to enter Mexico or return to the US.
      4Do I need medical or travel insurance?
      We do suggest acquiring medical and travel insurance for visits lasting longer than 14 days. We are connected to a physician and dentist in Mexico city, if you have medical or dental needs. Local assistance is available as well.
      5What is the closest airport to Casa de Soulshine?
      PXM is the airport code for Puerto Escondido International Airport. This airport is 10 mins away from the house. There are other optional airports in the state that will require an additional taxi or bus transport. 1- Huatulco (HUX) - one hour taxi or bus ride to the house 2- Oaxaca (OAX) - six hour bus ride to the house
      6Can I use my cell phone in Mexico?
      Most carriers will allow yo to use your cell phone while in Mexico: AT&T and T-mobile Contact your carrier for a detailed explanation of your plan and data coverage outside of the US. If you plan to stay for an extended period of time "GoogleFi" is a great carrier to use while overseas.
      7Can I use my credit/debit card while in Mexico?
      Most restaurants and businesses in Puerto accept Visa & Mastercard. AMEX is not widely accepting overseas. Businesses that do not accept cards will display a sign by the register or on the front window. We recommend exchanging at least $400 at your bank before traveling. Notify your bank at least two weeks prior to departure of your exchange request. ATMs are available all over Puerto and charge a basic fee of $3-$5 dollars, depending on your bank. There are a few US branches and ATMs located here: HSBC, Citibank, Santander & Banco Popular. Contact your banking institution to find out what your withdrawal fees are and if they can be reimbursed.
      8Do I need an electrical converter in Puerto Escondido?
      Puerto Escondido uses standard outlets identical to those in the US and Canada. If you are traveling from another country you may need an adapter. The standard voltage is 110V / frequency 60Hz. Visit: to determine if you need a power adapter.
      9How is the WiFi speed for digital nomads?
      Here at Casa de Soulshine we have STARLINK! Starlink is the fastest network worldwide. You will have the same speed as if you were sitting in the comfort of your own home. Portable routers are available for nomads that will give you top speed in any country. Visit:
      10What is the weather like in Puerto Escondido?
      The weather is 85-90 degrees daily. The rainy season is July & August with rain occurring mostly during the hours of 1am-4am.
      11Do you offer retreat planning assistance?
      Yes. If you are interested in hosting a retreat at Casa de Soulshine we will assist you with all of the planning and arrangements for your unique experience. You can request a retreat planning guide using the form above.
      12Do you assist with travel and planning arrangements for digital nomads or personal vacation?
      Yes. We are here to assist everyone visiting Casa de Soulshine with a soft landing. You will be assigned a travel planner and optional tour guide with your reservation.
      13When is the best time to visit Mexico?
      The time was yesterday. The next best time is NOW! Low season ends in October and opens back up in February.

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